Bold Girls revision
Answer each question in sentences and in as much detail as possible. Leave space for additional information you made want to add in after we’ve gone over it as a class.
Scene One – background information
1. Where is the play set?
2. What is the political situation at the time?
3. How many scenes does the play consist of?
4. Where is each scene set and comment on the length of each scene?
5. Name the four main characters.
Part Two
  1. How is Deirdre presented at the beginning of the play?
  2. Marie?
  3. Nora?
  4. Cassie?
  5. Where are Marie, Cassie and Noras’ husbands?
6. What impression do you get of how:
Marie views Michael? (From dialogue and from soliloquy)
Nora views Sean?
Cassie views Joe?
7. Describe how the characters communicate with each other.
8. In what ways does it seem like men are treated differently from women?
9. Describe Deirdre’s entry onto the scene. What might this suggest about the impact she will have on them and their lives?
10. Why does Deirdre want a knife?
11. What style does Nora adopt when telling stories of violence in the past?
12. How does Cassie view herself?
13. Why is Marie so attracted by the birds?
14. What does Deirdre do with the money at the end?

Scene Two
1. What impressions do you have of the club?
2. What does the conversation with regards to the minute’s silence say about:
Marie? Deirdre? Nora?
3. What does the story about the cat say about the men?
4. What does it tell you about the women?
5. What does Nora think of Cassie?
6. What does Cassie think of Nora and her childhood?
7. How does Nora think ‘the wee lassie’ (p44) should deal with her husband being taken?
8. p.48 How does Cassie really feel about Joe? Why?
9. What do Nora and Cassie think about Marie’s ‘confrontation’ with Deirdre about having taken her clothes?
10. Describe Cassie’s reaction to Deirdre saying that she has seen her before.
11. Explain Nora’s last soliloquy at the end of Scene 2.
Scene 3
  1. Where does scene 3 take place?
  2. What do you think is the significance of the eclipse?
  3. How does Cassie react to Marie’s questions about why she went for Deirdre?
  4. What do we learn from Marie about what Joe has done to Cassie?
  5. What does Marie think is the worst thing someone could do in a relationship?
  6. How has Cassie managed to save money?
  7. What does she intend to do with the children and what is Marie’s reaction to this?
  8. What is the significance of Deirdre slashing the remnant with the knife?
Scene 4
  1. Where does scene 4 take place?
  2. What is Marie doing at the beginning of the scene and what do the others think of her for this?
  3. When Cassie fantasises about killing Joe how does i) Marie and ii) Nora react?
  4. Why does Nora think that Cassie was in fact lucky to be married to Joe?
  5. Describe Cassie’s reaction to Nora talking about Sean hitting her.
  6. How does Marie help settle the argument?
  7. Why did Cassie treat her mother so badly?
  8. What does Cassie find when she looks behind the picture and why is she so upset about this?
  9. Even though Nora is clearly upset about Cassie wanting to leave, what does she talk about as she leaves? What does this suggest about her interest in her home?
  10. Mammy’s heart is made of steel. She had to grow it that way.
What do you think Cassie means by this?
  1. Why does Cassie say she goes with men?
  2. What is it that Marie says that leads to Cassie saying ‘Good? He was a lying worm like every one of them!’
  3. When Cassie has left after admitting her affair with Michael.
Your daddy was a good man and a brave man and he did the best he could and he’s in heaven watching out for you … And that’s what keeps us all together, keeps me going, keeps me …’
  1. What does this tell us about Marie?
  2. What is the reason Deirdre gives Marie for her coming to the house?
  3. How does Deirdre describe the way that Cassie looked and what does this suggest about Cassie?
  4. Why does Marie slash Michael’s photograph and what does this symbolise?
  5. You’d need to be something special to build one [a nest] round the Falls.
What do you think this means?