LEARNING OBJECTIVES - by the end of the unit




Have a solid understanding of the sequence of events and who, exactly, says what and when and know what the parts of the plot (and its separate components the exposition, climax and denouement) are effective.


Have a clear understanding of the personalities involved in the play. What are the relationships between them? In what ways are they similar/ different? How do the contrasts create conflict? What techniques – dialogue and action, what the characters say and do and the differences, if any, between what they say and what they do; interaction between characters; stage directions to the director/ actors; the use of monologues; the use of symbolism and recurring motifs; the use of acting areas; dramatic use of lighting; and so on – does Munro use to reveal the personalities and motives of her characters? Do you understand what a catalyst is? What influences do characters who do not appear on stage have on the drama?


Understand the impact of the setting.


Understand the underlying theme(s) and how they are developed through the play. Remember what we said about the recurring motifs which help to underline some of the play’s central concerns.


Have a clear understanding of Stage Directions and Dramatic Techniques used within this and other plays; for example those techniques that the playwright uses to explore the themes of the play.